Green World Revolution (GWR) is a not-for-profit environmental social enterprise, growing jobs for the unemployed. We provide pathways to sustainable livelihoods for people who are suffering from long-term unemployment, so they can improve their health and personal well-being and be relieved from poverty that comes from a reliance on social security payments.

In 2013 our first urban farm was established in Gladstone Street East Perth. From this 400 Square metre site we now deliver fresh produce 4 days a week on bicycles, to 30 restaurants and cafes. Income from this social enterprise helps us provide jobs for unemployed people.

Since mid-2015 we have successfully created 9 completely new, paid-work opportunities for long-term unemployed people involved in urban farming projects at our Gladstone Street Farm.

By producing local food for local businesses, GWR is also helping to reduce pollution associated with food transportation and reducing waste by collecting and composting restaurant food waste and reusing substantial amounts of packaging.