Gladstone Street Farm

Located on the east side of the Perth CBD, we supply over 35 restaurants with primary produce grown on this 400Sqm site.

AGWA Botanical

Located on-site at and created in collaboration with the Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA). AGWA Botanical is a Forage Farm, exclusively for local and nearby restaurants.

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With our urban farms, we are:

Helping to reduce poverty: GWR is providing unemployed West Australians with practical work experience and skills development in the growing urban agriculture industry. Since late-2013 GWR has engaged with over 450 unemployed people through the Australian Work for the Dole scheme. We have provided paid work to 20 unemployed people, helping to reduce poverty by alleviating their reliance on social welfare. Our aim is to grow more jobs by growing more farms.

We are also helping to:

Reduce carbon emissions by reducing Food Miles: We produce food locally, for local customers and deliver most of our produce by bicycle. Our urban farms are making a significant contribution to lowering our customers’ carbon footprints.

Close-the-loop on waste: Our cut produce packaging is made from biodegradable and fully recyclable materials. We have also developed a packaging collection system with our restaurant customers that facilitates the reuse of over 10,000 trays per year, that would normally go to landfill.

Reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect (UHI): GWR’s urban farms contribute to combating the UHI effect by creating cool, green islands within the urban landscape that shade and protect impervious surfaces from the effects of solar radiation.


“Through the Work-for-the-Dole program, I volunteered for a not-for-profit, social organisation called Green World Revolution, which is urban farming. I showed potential and effort, so i got a job as their delivery rider. … It’s given me an opportunity to reinvent myself. I am a young father with goals now.”

Tristan Seal interview with Humans of Perth 29 April, 2016.